Sunday, July 26, 2009

Elana's 10 Fanfiction Links

A twist on Sex and the city. Samantha comes home to New York after her breakup with Smith. While out at one of her fabulous parties, she finds herself more interested in a brunette woman who was sitting alone at a table across from her then her friends, Carrie, Charlette, and Miranda’s conversation about making arrangements for a brunch get together. The writer span off of the idea of Samantha’s ‘out there’ sexuality and made her flip from extreme amounts of male partners to another orientation experiment, turning lesbian. Samantha and her new interest, Jennifer, have lunch and seem to be enjoying each other’s company. The story is left to be continued.

A prequel to Everybody Loves Raymond. Ray and Robert are both children and are living in the same household. Ray has a nightmare about Robert turning into a monster and trying to murder him. He woke up terrified, realizing he was still in his own bed and alive, and walked over to Roberts ruin to double check that he wasn’t a monster. Robert, just like the actual show, showed his gentle side to Ray and comforted him, telling him everything was alright and it was just a dream. Robert played the role of the protective and loving older brother while Raymond accepted this with open arms. Ray asked if he could spend the rest of the night with Robert and Robert said yes.

A switch-up a scene from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Will finds himself in the hospital pacing around Carlton in the hospital bed. The scene starts out the same as the original one by finding out that Carlton had taken speed pills from Will’s school locker because he thought they were vitamins. Will is praying that Carlton is alright and contemplating on what he should say to Uncle Phil and Vivian. The scene takes a turn when Will finds out that Carlton isn’t going to be okay and that he is actually in a coma. Will cannot believe the news and blames himself for everything.

Cory, from Boy Meets World, confesses his love for his best friend Shawn. This fan fiction is written as a narrative and is coming from the mind of the main character, Cory. They writer plays off of the idea of switching sexual orientation and uses the actual situation of Cory and Topanga breaking up in original episode for an excuse. Shawn, who in the tv show is a ladies man, ends up finding out that Cory is gay and in love with him and decides to make out with cory and invite himself into his apartment.

The lost episode of Full House. The fan fiction is made by extreme exaggerations of each of the characters in the show. It is written as a script and uses each characters signature phrase to its advanced. The situation is completely unrealistic which makes it comedic. Michelle eats the family dog and they take her to the hospital and she explodes with puppies. Kimmy is selfish and ignorant, just like the original tv show, and takes a bunch of the puppies while Danny is joyful and offers puppies to everyone.

Another episode to Will and Grace. Each character is used in their natural personality and in the same setting. The writer wrote another episode as a screenplay that could fit in to any of the seasons. Jack starts off the scene by flamboyantly single from the elevator, into the hall, into Jack’s apartment. Jack ignores him, as usual, and Jack decides to rummage through their kitchen for some food before his date. He mocks Jack as usual, and steals his breakfast. In the midst of the fighting for it back, Jack kisses Will. Will is stunned, saying nothing, and Jack skips off back into the hallway singing a Cher song.

This fanfiction explains how Phoebe meets Smelly Cat on Friends. Smelly Cat was owned by a bin man and was a smelly and dirty cat that lived on the streets. No one wanted to talk to him or be around him because he smelled so bad. One day a lovely blonde lady with pink heels, Phoebe, found him and started talking to him. The smell didn’t even phase her and she quickly took him to the pet store, bought him some stuff, and adopted him. They used the same characters to create this fanfiction but created the extended version of what really happened before Phoebe created the infamous song Smelly Cat.

A new direction for Sabrina the Teenage Witch. This fanfiction used all the same characters, the same setting, and the same plot but switched up the script. It is written as a narrative with dialogue. Sabrina is faced with a huge decision. She wants to marry harvey but the head of the witch’s council says that she cannot marry a mortal unless she gives up her magic. She went home to think about it and went through the usual situations with her two aunts. She went back through the closet into the other realm without Harvey and got her magic taken away. She came back home to him waiting for her and told him the good news. If the show carried on after this scene it would be a completely different theme.

The future of Saved by the Bell. This is set decades after the season ends. It starts off with a flashback to a night in school where Zack and Jesse hooked up in a cadillac while they were still in relationships with Kelley and Slator. They instantly fell for each and couldn’t imagine living life without each other. Zack went and broke up with Kelley while Jesse went and broke up with Slator. Instead of Jesse going over to her best friends house to comfort her after the break up, she went over to Zack’s. Years later they got married and had three children.

Out of context scene from 7th heaven. Ruthie, still being manipulative as always, tried to convince her ex boyfriend to give her some money. Ruthie got pregnant and wants an abortion but her father is a minister and she grew up in a very religious house. Her ex tells her that she already sinned in the first place be having pre-marital sex and she should repent and never sin again. Ruthie is stubborn and says that its her like so she can do whatever she want with it. He offers to give her money to remove the tattoo of his name on her back but refuses to go along with her sinning. Ruthie is left with no choice but to carry the baby.

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