Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crossover Fanfictions

This is Princess Diaries crossover fanfiction. Nicholas VS Michael. Best friend Lilly is going back just for rescuing the Black-Nosed Anteater. She promises to visit, but Mia still feels so sad. Suddenly, Lilly remember that her brother and also Mia’s first boyfriend Michael, his band will be touring in France. Mia does not know what to do.

High School Musical and Bee Movies Crossovers This story is about the story of a neglected bear, that finally gets his revenge, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL TWIST

Harry potter and Jumper Crossover Kaison [Kay-son has been jumping all over the world she was five. She’s also been going to Hogwarts since she was eleven. What happens when the Paldrins come to Hogwarts to kill her? Will she live to see another day? And if she does, what kind of deal will she make just to stay alive?

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