Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peter's 10 fanfiction links

Here are my 10 fanfiction links. I'll continue to edit this post to ensure that my links are fine and all. I'm interested in a lot of things hence the randomness of my choices....

1. “Blood, Bullets & 2 Butterflies”, a fanfic based on the Resident Evil franchise.

This particular story is actually a sequel to another fanfic. It focuses on Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong and Claire Redfield as they reflect on the events of the past that eventuated in their destinies intertwining, and also them try to come to terms with the what has happened and moving on with their lives. This particular fanfic includes one hell-of-a b!@#h fight and ends with twist that can only exist in the Resident Evil world. NB. This particular fanfic is still a work in progress so the “twist” may not necessarily be the end of it.

2. “And Then There Were None”, a fanfic based on the novel of the same name by Agatha Christie.

Using a similar setup of that as seen in the novel, this particular fanfic sees a group of 12 on a secluded island known only as “Shelly Island” and are the only inhabitants of the island at the moment. One by one, each of them are killed off by a killer….. a killer who is one of the 12 people. The story is divided into chapters, in which each chapter has a title which is usually (and I use that term very loosely) a sound associated with the way each person was killed. NB. This fanfic is also a work in progress.

3. “Desert Bloom”, a fanfic based on the game Final Fantasy XII.

This romantic tales depicts the brewing love between our hero/ine Basch and Penelo. Both live very different lives - Basch, a judge magister sworn to protect Lord Larsa, and Penelo, a dancer and a former sky pirate. However, a night in the Paramina Rift secluded from the world begins to intertwine their futures, and as a result begins to harbour feelings they never thought they'd have for each other. But will they ever get to be together?

4. “The Peace Lily Soliloquy”, a fanfic based on the TV series “The Big Bang Theory”.

Penny and Sheldon have always had a strained relationship, largely thanks to Sheldon's social awkwardness and his continued dependence on his friends. So when Penny forgets to pick up Sheldon from the airport and nearly destroys his peace lily, it’s only natural that Sheldon is disappointed in her, and he makes sure she knows it!! However, when it’s reveal that Penny’s father has passed away, Sheldon begins to show signs of empathy towards Penny.

5. “In the Shadows of Another”, a fanfic based on the Yu-gi-Oh! franchise.

Imagine being in the shadows of another, despite being just as smart and strong? Well, this is the case for the Buster Blader, a duel monster card in our protagonist’s deck. This story is told from the perspective of the Buster Blader, who expresses his jealously towards the Dark Magician and his deck master, Yami Yugi.

6. “Claiming Him”, a fanfic crossover based on the TV series “NCIS” and “CSI: NY”.

In this crossover fanfic, Mac Taylor (from CSI:NY) and Jethro Leroy Gibbs (NCIS), were engaged in a romantic relationship which ended when Jethro married 17-year old Shannon after getting her pregnant. This story tales their strained relationship and how they are dealing with it.

7. “The Fifth and a Half Element”, a fanfic based on the movie “The Fifth Element”

This fanfic is set after the events in the movie “The Fifth Element”. Corbon Dallas and Leeloo give birth to a daughter, Alyx who, inherits her mothers powers and becomes just as strong as her. In this story, she is dubbed as “The Fifth and a Half Element”.

8. “The New Omnitrix”, a fanfic based on the Ben 10 cartoon series.

This is set in an alternative reality (I think) where Jayzion, a boy who dealing with your average teenage problems, discovers the Alphatrix – a device similar to the Omnitrix in the Ben 10 series. The discovery of this items bring a host of problems for Jayzion who must use the Alphatrix to save the universe.

9. “With Smoke Comes Fire”, a Harry Potter fanfic.

This particular fanfic revolves around Hermione and Draco (for the moment). Draco is forced to engage with Hermione intimately by Lord Voldermort, and Hermione discovers something that has been hidden from her for a long time.

10. “Stop My Dancing Feet”, a fanfic based on the broadway musical, Hairspray.

This fanfic is setting during one of the episodes of the Corny Collins show.

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