Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Belinda's 10 Fanfiction Links

Here are my 10 Fanfiction links. As you can tell from these links I watch a lot of teenage sort of movies and TV shows, and I'm a hopeless romantic so most of these fanfictions are on romance and happy endings.

This fanfiction is about a happy ending for Lauren and Stephen from Laguna Beach. A sweet fanfiction on how Lauren and Stephen could end up together in their lives right now, after Laguna Beach. They both are currently living in LA so the fanfiction focuses on how they bumped into each other one night at a resuarant and begin to develop their feelings they once had for each other again.

Duke and Viola have one chance to be with each other in She's The Man, after he found out the truth at the final soccer match. Duke and Viola are both miserable after the soccer match and have not seen or heard from each other since then. Duke is confused about his feelings for Viola, because he felt like she lied to him and used him, but in the end he knew he couldn't be without Viola and that he was actually in love with her. In this fanfiction the Debutant Ball does not happen so the story focuses on how they have one last chance to be with each other.

More and more misunderstandings for Holly and Vince in What I Like About You. Holly and Vince have misunderstood each other once again, after Vince follows Holly to Princeton and thinks that she is back together with Henry, while Holly follows Vince to Florida at the back of his car without him knowing. Vince stops in Virginia and sees Holly and disguises himself as Nick and listens as she poors her heart out to him, so Vince can finally understand how Holly feels about him and they can be together at last.

A very happy ending for Jack and Martha on Home and Away. Jack is about to marry Sam and Martha is secretly outside the church crying. She starts heading towards the cliff where her and Jack shared their first kiss, and Jack finds her there and tells her he couldn't go through with the wedding and that the real person he loves is her.

A great fanfiction on friendship and love between Blair, Chuck, Serena and Nate on Gossip Girl. It’s Blair’s 21st birthday and all she wishes for is to be with the three people that she knows and loves the most. Her birthday party’s every year were all fancy and important, but this year she just wanted to spend it with her best friends and not care what those other rich and spoiled kids think.

A different sort of twist on The O.C with Summer Seth and Ryan in a love triangle. Summer decides to not be in the love triangle anymore and decides to break it off, because she doesn’t want to be in between the both and she doesn’t want to be second best.

A sweet and touching fanfiction on the very famous Korean Series Boys Before Flowers. This fanfiction lets us see Yi Jung’s feelings, because all through the series we witness Ga Eul’s love for him, but Yi Jung doesn’t show his feelings as much so this fanfiction lets us understand how much he loves her too. Yi Jung thinks about the wonderful times he has had with Ga Eul while he is nervously preparing to propose to her.

A 7th Heaven fanfiction about Ruthie and Martin. The fanfiction is based on the future when they are both older and in their mid twenties. Ruthie is married with a man that doesn’t love her, and one day coincidently meets Martin at a park. They both meet up for drinks and talk about their bitter past with each other.

Dawson’s Creek is one of my all time favourite TV shows, and this fanfiction is about Dawson and Joey and their relationship as best friends. Are they really just best friends or are they more? This fanfiction deals with the confusion they both are feeling for each other when they both try to figure out if there is anymore more to their friendship. A final chance for them to take their friendship to a different level.

A One Tree Hill fanfiction with a different twist. Lucas is in love with Brooke instead of Peyton. He is about to get married to Peyton, but tells Brooke how much he loves her before it’s too late. This fanfiction is like a contrast on the Lucas, Peyton and Brooke love triangle, but this time Lucas is giving up Peyton for Brooke.

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