Sunday, August 16, 2009

Teena's Bend it like Beckham sequel

My version of what happens when Jess and Jules leave for the US in "Bend it like Beckham", might be a bit cheesy haha! I apologize all you Keira Knightley fans as I've made her sound real evil in my sequel.
After their very first long flight the girls could think of was a cosy bed to hit.
"I so need to stretch now all my joints now" Jess yawns.
"Yeah me too I hope we're not far off now" says Jules trying to get a feel of her new world.
"This is it! This is what we were waiting for all this time" says Jules with a huge smile.
Jess doesn't know whether she is happy with the decision she made by coming to the US after she met the love of her life back home. She's been waiting for this opportunity all her life and now when she finally gets what she wants she doesn't know what to do as she feels torn apart between Joe and the scholarship.
"Do you think I've done the right thing by leaving Joe behind?" asks Jess confused

"OMG, I can't believe you're asking this...I mean you've been waiting for this all along, you've literally gone through so much at home with your parents to get here and you just can't throw it away cos of Joe, I mean you can always get to see him again but you might not get this opportunity again" explains Jess convincingly as they pass through customs.

As they get to their apartments, Jules's looks forward to meeting other people in their footy team. She knows she can make it to the top but the only other competition she has is Jess who is equally good. She has always been envious of her as she took Joe away from her and now her dream of becoming the top football player in the world. She would never had imagined Jess being Indian could every kick a football forget playing professionally and never in her wildest imaginations thought Joe would fall for her!! It was her intention of taking Jess away from him as she feels if she can't have him no one can! By doing this she knows that Jess might lose concentration which would affect her chance of getting into team as a professional player. But she wants to play smart and not let Jess to also leave for home as she and Joe would be together again. Who knew that Jules had such a malicious mind and such cruel intentions! But feels that Jess deserved it as she nearly kissed him in Hamburg!! And even worse she is with him knowing that Jules is head over heels for him!!

On the other hand Jess can't stop thinking about Joe and also her family that she has never lived without before! But feels safe that Jules is around totally oblivious to her best friend's intentions!! 

"Have you spoken to Joe at all"? Jules asks curiously the next morning.

"Yea I did for a while and he's actually happy for me and though we both know long distance is hard we can still make it through" says Jess with a big smile!!

"That's good see I told you he'd say the same thing" says Jules

"I'm so glad that you're always here for me Jules and if wasn't for you I probably wouldn't be here!!" says Jess giving her a big hug!

A week has passed and they're already well into hardcore training! Up in the morning at 6 and the team is expected to be on field sharp at 7 a.m. without failure or they could be sent to detention. Jess finds it hard to cope without her mum's typical Indian meals plus also finds it hard to cope up with the new long distance relationship, which results in her turning up late for training a couple of times already!

"You realize that you've already turned up late to training in your first week Miss Bhamra?" asks Brad the coach firmly. "I know this may be quite full on but welcome to your new world lady" .

Jess logs onto MSN and starts to burst into tears telling Joe that she's messed up the first week already and dosen't know if she can cope up with this anymore. She knew she was homesick and began to think if Jules was feeling the same. She knocked on Jules door for moral support but realized that she was perfectly fine and thought she coped up pretty well for her first week.

"Hey sweets it alright, you know what these girls from the team said we should go hit the clubs tonight as we've all had a pretty hard week. Plus we'll also get to know each other well. So you get dressed missy and I hope you've brought your clubbing clothes this time" Jules asks with a chuckle.

As the night goes, Jess has already had too many drinks, way above her limit. She feels like a total blackout from last night when she wakes up in Jules's bed the next morning. 

In the evening, after the girls have caught up on some sleep, Jules comes into Jess's room asking if she was feeling alright. Jules knew her weakness and knew that Jess didn't handle alcohol very well. She knew it would be perfect when she confesses that she is in fact gay and realized that she actually has feelings for Jess!

"Gosh I feel my head spinning, sorry you had to take me home last night to yours", Jess says with a palm on her head.
Taking advantage of Jess's gullibility, she confesses what exactly happened last night when in fact nothing of that sort even did, except that she just took to her room to sleep in. She explains every detail of last night making it sound like it was an honest mistake when she kissed Jess but couldn't help herself as she has begun to develop feelings for her. She thinks by doing this she is firstly building Jess's confidence that she is so over Joe (but actually isn't) and wants to also make her feel that it's only been a week and she's already cheated on her long distance relationship. She is also curious to know whether Jess will say anything to Joe of what had happened last night.

After a couple of hours, when Jess is just about to digest all what happened, is miserable. Things have surely been not going the way she had planned for. She's been given this excellent opportunity to play professionally and feels has already let her new coach down twice in the first week! She has met the man of her dreams knowing that her traditional Indian parents would never accept a white Irish bloke but feels has unknowingly not been faithful even though it was with her best friend who happens to be a chick and when she wasn't in her senses. 

"I think I need some time off, I don't think I'm doing justice to anything at this point. Mostly I think I miss home way too much than I thought I would", says Jess with tears to Jules and takes off!


  1. Hey Teena, i like your fanfiction, umm you can say its very twisty! lol. not the usual Bend it like Beckham movie i guess, which makes it very original=]

    I like the way you have totaly changed Jules character into an evil person who's just on the look out for revenge lol, and the way you have kept Jess's character as the nieeve one who only sees the good in people and doesnt take precautions which leads to the incident at the end of your story.

    I just want to point out some of the grammatical mistakes that you had that I thought u should change it you wanted to.

    "After their very first long flight the girls could think of was a cosy bed to hit” I think what you wanted to say was “After their very first long flight, all that the girls could think of was a cosy bed to hit.”

    “I so need to stretch now all my joints now” just remove the first ‘now’ it doesn’t make sense.

    “Jules's looks forward to meeting other people in their footy team.” if you say “Jules looking forward to meeting other people in their footy team.” would come off better.

    “Jess being Indian could every kick” take out the ‘y’ in every lol.

    “getting into team as” add a ‘the’ after ‘into’

    “But she wants to play smart and not let Jess to also leave for home as she and Joe would be together again.” there is a grammar mistake her I think it should be “But she wants to play smart and make sure Jess doesn’t go back home as her and Joe would be together again.”

    “and such cruel intentions! But feels that Jess deserved it as she nearly kissed him in Hamburg” the ‘but’ part is kind of weird, you could say something like “but she feels that…”

    “and if wasn't for you I probably wouldn't be here”
    “and if IT wasn't for you I probably wouldn't be here”

    “typical Indian meals plus also finds it hard to cope up with the new”
    “typical Indian meals plus SHE also finds it hard to cope with the new…”

    You also have a lot of tense mistakes aswell, but im not so great with tenses myself so cant really help you there, hope someone else can though!!

    other than that and the mistakes its looking pretty neat.
    Good luck with your finale copy.


  2. Hey Taz,

    Thanks for pointing my silly grammatical errors!! Yea I think I should have rechecked my final draft before posting!! I didnt realize there were tons of grammatical errors lol cheers Taz for commenting!!!