Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This would probably be a good sequel to Bend it Like Beckham which I’m not sure why they haven’t come up with as yet but would be great to see what would be next in store for Jess & Jules. Maybe Jess would have found an American bloke in her new team and forgotten about her coach Joe back home as she realizes long distance is not her thing at all! Or possibly Jules would have in fact turned out to be a lesbian with her roommate Lauren and confess to her mum that her instinct was true and she was in fact gay. Joe would have been shattered when he doesn't hear from Jess and travels all the way to the US to see her. Would be a great twist! But for now enjoy Jess's diary & her first day when she arrives to her new world!

This is a total twist of the movie Hangover when Professor Phil bumps into one of his students’ Mia in Vegas (which actually doesn’t happen in the movie). Instead the four guys just turn up in Vegas by themselves and it’s total chaos after that, definitely a bachelor party to remember! But if the boys would have instead gone to stay at Mia & Taylor's hotel room it would have probably been a total different scenario all together. Phil would have surely hooked up with his student Mia though in class he only sees her as geek with the usual jeans but she has proved him wrong in Vegas! He doesn't at all expect to bump into his students in Vegas when he's at his best friend's bachelor night out!

Again a perfect sequel for the movie Juno….how ironic! Eighteen years ago Juno gives her baby for adoption and now she has to go through the same rigmarole except that this time it's the other way round!! How would anyone think that she would be infertile?? Also they show that she's with someone else called Jack not the same character she had the baby with. She would never expect that her giving up her baby for adoption 18 years ago would haunt her and she would not be able to conceive again!

I think this is more like the continuation to the movie Sex and the City when Carrie is about to get married to Bigg she finds out that she is pregnant. Carrie is unsure whether she wants this baby but realizes the person that she loves the most wants to start a family with her. The first link describes her emotions when she is thinking to herself whether she really wants the baby or is this just a compromise that she has to make for Bigg. She suddenly feels this strong pain and wonders if she is about to lose the baby? The second part of it shows us when Carrie is in hospital and confesses to Bigg that she can't have this baby! She is totally devastated that she had actually said this to him and wonders if he would ever come back to her! Always seems to be a twist when Carrie is about to get married to Bigg, first he backs off & now the baby! Would make a great sequel!

This is actually a perfect example of a cheesy fanfic where there is absolutely no twist whatsoever, the characters are exactly the same except its a different scenario for the movie He's Just Not That Into You. All the characters in this are similar to the movie except that the scenario changes and Gigi becomes a college student but the main point is still highlighted that is terrible on dates and her friend Janine is advising her dating tips. I just thought I'd still post it to show it is an example of a poorly made fanfic!

This is hilarious! Susan & Eddie the best of the enemies on Wysteria Lane in Desperate Housewives hitting on each other. Eddie one afternoon decides to go with Susan on a jog, but we Desperate Housewives lovers' all know what this Blonde's intentions would be but instead here they show that both Susan & Eddie have sort of developed feelings for each other. We all know Susan falls into love easily but is this Eddie's new way of getting at Susan??

One of the best movies of 2008, I adore how Daisy & Ben finally meet in heaven in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Maybe a little too exaggerated how she can start dancing again and feels no pain after her accident but again anything can happen in heaven as it was depressing to see Ben when he no longer recognizes Daisy as he gets much younger and she is left to look after him . But I’m so glad that they meet up again in heaven. Perfect combination of Brad Pitt & Cate Blanchett.

Quite a depressing twist in Scrubs when JD finds out that he loses his unborn child. This would be a possible scenario if Kim his girl friend would have not left to Washington for work. He proposes to Kim but whilst he is about to do that she goes in pain and is rushed to the hospital. Also the part part which is altered is when it says that Turk is friends with JD only cos he feels sorry for him.

This is when Jamal's planning his brother's funeral in Slumdog Millionaire. He's got all that he wants now, Latika, the money which he's bought a little convenient store and all what he wants to do now is arrange a funeral for Salim after he knows all the trauma he's put the love of his life Latika through. He's so amazed when he finds out that Latika agrees to his decision. Quite a simple and prectible continuation.

Here's just a change of situation in NZ's popular drama Shortland Street. Morgan actually becomes pregnant but the father is Hunter. We know all know that she and Hunter did have a little past but soon realizes that Gerald is the one for her. But there is no mention of Gerald in this fanfiction. She reveals that she is ready to be a mother whilst Hunter is still in shock telling her that he's way too young for this. Well again it's Hunter's call and chooses to be with someone older than him.

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