Friday, August 14, 2009

Ugly Betty Fanfic final

Molly was diagnosed with cancer before they got married. During the past one year Daniel was living in constant fear and constantly living in a shadow of one day God will take his wife Molly away, “What am I going to do then? Will I have the courage to live?” Daniel kept asking himself. Sometimes, Clair(Daniel’s mother) came to his place to comfort him. Only he could see was her lips moving, nothing else. The day finally came, Molly died on Tuesday afternoon at their apartment with peace. That was her final wish to die at their apartment. After Molly’s death, Daniel could not fall in sleep. On the funeral day Daniel forgot how he left the cemetery. The next morning, when he woke up, his mother told him that he fainted at the cemetery and that he was driven back home straight away.

After a week, Daniel went back to work at Mode (magazine’s name), he looked just like a man with no spirit. His dad and Alex both died, he really needed someone to give him strength to face the life ahead. He looked at the desk where Betty used to sit. Now, there is someone else sitting there. Betty was gone for a long time because, she had big aspiration which this Mode could not offer her. He couldn’t stop her and he did not. Betty, she had been loyal to this company ever since she stepped into Mode, she really helped Daniel and the company a lot and Daniel really missed her.

One early morning, there was someone knocking on Daniel’s office door. Daniel did not want to answer it. But when the door opened. Daniele opened his heavy eye lid.
“Wilhelmina” Daniel whispered
“Danielle, I am sorry for your terrible loss.” She sounded sincere. Daniel thought Wilhelmina had always wanted to see me being sad and defeated, why is she suddenly consoling me?
“But, I think I have the obligation to tell you this is not what Mode wants. So we have decided to let you have a holiday” Wilhelmina continued to speak in a totally different tone.
“Who are we?”
“The board members”
“Right, you have thought about how to get rid of me” Daniel said with carelessness as he felt a little angry.
“O, And, Based on such a poor status you have now, I am going to hire a nurse to look after you 24/7, how does that sound?” She said with a little smile on the corner of her mouth.
“What trick are you playing this time?” Daniel thought
“Thanks for your concern Wilhelmina.” Daniel stopped” I rather stay at home alone and if I really need someone to look after me I will let Betty…” Betty’s name slipped out, Daniele forgot she was long gone and he still could not remember his current assistant’s name . A bitter smile was on his face. “I will let my assistant to find a nurse to look after me,” Daniel said without looking at her.
“O, well, it is up to you” Wilhelmina said with a little smile still” As long as I know you will be well looked after.”
“How long did you people decid my holiday will be”
”Well, you don’t need to ask me. You can come back as soon as you feel you are ready” her voice faded out when she walked away from my office.

The next day, Daniel was still in his bed when he heard knocking on his door. Daniel opened the door and saw a young brown haired girl standing outside the door. She was about 25 and looked very slim and clean, but her dress, her dress just like a floral table cloth just like Betty. But, her dark eyes, her dark eyes looked so warm and familiar. “Good morning Mr. Meade, I am your nurse Anne. Your assistant called me…” And her voice, it just sounded like… “Can I come in?” Anne said. “Oh, yes.” Daniel made a welcome posture to let the nurse in. From that day on, Anne started looking after Daniel. A few days later, they started to gt along quite well. One day, Daniel asked Anne what her dream was. Anne replied” My dream is run my own Magazine.”
“ Really? It is the same as Betty’s “ “I will one day be a strong, smart and professional woman.” Daniel looked at her with surprise, “how do you know that?”” Know what” Anne asked him with smile.
Daniel suddenly walked close to Anne and started looking at her. Seems, he saw something in Anne’s eyes. “Are you… are you Betty?” Daniel asked with doubt and waited Anne to answer. “Yes, I am Betty Daniel.” She said softly. “What? What was it? I can’t believe it.” Daniel stopped and looked at this person who claimed that she was Betty. ” Your t…” Daniel pointed to her teeth while he was speaking. “They have been taken off.” “Your hair?” “I dyed new color and had it a cut.”” And your” Daniel looked at her face
“I had a beautician to teach me how to put make up on without putting too much make up. And, I have to say thanks for the experience of working at Mode. Otherwise, I could not get to know that beautician” Betty said with a big big smile. Daniel asked “so, you are not some sort of nurse Anne?” Betty shook her head. “Ha, ha, ha,” Daniel was over the moon when he saw a new Betty standing in front of him. He still could not believe his eyes, “o, o I have to ring mom and tell her about this.” “She knew it.””What””Yes, She arranged this. She wanted to give you a big surprise. Your mother really cares about you.”
Daniel nodded and gave Betty a big big hug.”Thank you so much Betty. I love this surprise”

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